Thoughts on the luxury of lipstick

Beauty / September 01, 2020

If there is one thing that most of us cannot live without makeup-wise, it’s lipstick. As a young girl, I remember how my grandmother said that putting on lipstick is the least a woman can do to look presentable.

Lipstick is the gateway to the beauty world. Ask every other child what they want as their first makeup item and it’s always lipstick.

Whether it be the statement-making red or that grungy, ’90s-inspired brown, lipstick’s power is transformational. I’ve seen it for myself…on myself and also on the many people I’ve encountered as a fashion & beauty editor.

So it’s no surprise that Hermès Beauty’s debut launch is a collection of lip products: Rouge Hermès. It’s 24 lipsticks shades, 10 of which carry a matte finish while 14 are with satin finishes. There is also a smoothing lip balm, a Poppy Lip Shine, wooden lip brush and the Universal Lip Pencil. And, of course, leather lip cases.

Every detail of these lip products was created with the same mastery and artistry that Hermès is known for. The lipstick cases are treated as objects: Pierre Hardy designed them and they are built to last. They are mostly made of metal. The lipstick casings are also designed to be refillable. You get every lipstick in the unmistakable orange box that has defined promise, enchantment, and treasure for decades.

Even the lipstick bullet is crafted thoughtfully. The Satin finish lipsticks have a rounded tip for a full application. The matte finish ones have a pointed tip for precise application.

The shades are inspired by the different colors from the silk métier Hermès. So every shade is a signature and has a rich story of craftsmanship. The formula is created with white mulberry extract, micronized pigments, and a subtle scent of sandalwood, arnica, and angelica.

The shade ranges from “Rouge H” that is a full-bodied red to “Beige Kalahari”, an ochre-infused, muted shade inspired by the desert it takes its name from.

There is also the daring “Orange Boite” a dynamic color and “Rose Zinzolin” which is a smoky purple.

Every shade conveys a tradition, a gesture, and how lipstick is the ultimate luxury.

Hermès Beauty is available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source, Makati