Timeless holiday Items you can’t live without

Culture / December 03, 2018


There are certain items that you’ll go back to every year. You may need a new wreath and lights every year or even change up the theme. But some things are best to invest in. When you’ve got a good set of Christmas basics, the holidays will go by stress-free. Plus, you’re creating items that will collect stories as the years go by. The memories attached to them will get richer.

Here are a few things I’d advise you to put your money towards when making your home holiday-ready.

#1 Christmas Tree

A sturdy, made to last Christmas tree won’t fail to ring in the holidays at home. The cost to buy a new one every year would amounts more than just splurging on something that’s made to be with you for many Christmases. You can change the tree decor every year without worrying about the tree being able to handle it. Also: don’t forget to find a tree that you can easily store given the space you have in your home. Make sure it’s stored it a way that won’t gather dust for the rest of the year.

#2 Fine Dinnerware

When entertaining guests over the holidays, or simply having that family Noche Buena, have a dinnerware set that is of high-quality. Since you’re going to use it for many years, you need something that has a classic design. This way, if you break something, you can easily replace it, rather than buying a whole set entirely. Limited edition sets may be a nice addition, but you need to have a set that’s almost a signature piece in your home. Pick something from brands like Spode to be assured you’re getting the top choice.

#3 Classic Christmas balls

As the years go by, you’re bound to amass a lot of different tree decor. You may also buy a new set every year to match the theme you have in mind. But whenever you want to change it up, have something you can build on. Classic Christmas balls in a color you feel you can easily incorporate when changing a theme will be best.

#4 Santa stockings

When you have kids at home, invest in nice, durable Santa stockings. Something that might even be with them until they have children of their own. It’s where you going to place Santa’s gift anyway. Make it feel like a piece they will associate good memories with.

#5 Family Christmas cards

When sending out gifts as well as sending out thank you notes, it’s best to have a bulk stock of family cards. Find a design that you can use even as the years go by. Avoid printing all the names of  the members of your family printed on the card if you’re still planning to have kids. Go with something that will be timeless despite the changes in your clan.


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