Trusting the ceremony of a good bath

Beauty / May 15, 2020

One thing I’m thankful for these days is that my bathtub is getting a lot of use. As much as I can, I allow one hour to enjoy the suds, the warmth of the water, and having intentional me-time.

I understand that not all of us may have a tub, but if in the future you do get a chance to enjoy one in your bath, trust that taking time to give yourself this treat can help you disconnect. 

I also make the most of my bath in terms of skincare. While I wait for the tub to fill, I apply deep conditioner to my hair. You can also opt for a hair mask. I would suggest something like the Ecococo Hydrating Conditioner or the Fancy Handy Total Repair Hair Mask, available both at Beauty Bar. 

The important thing is to set it all up. If you want to enjoy a drink, have your tablet with you, make sure they’re easy and safely at arm’s reach. Tell you, housemates, you taking an hour to yourself so they shouldn’t bother you unless absolutely needed. 

On my body, I apply a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil. It gives that extra moisture and works with the warm water I believe. My skin always tends to feel supple after. I just make sure that I don’t put on my feet so I don’t slip. 

I sometimes do bath bombs, sometimes bath oils. A day or two prior, you can even make your own bath bomb. What you’ll need is a 1 cup baking soda 1/2 cup citric acid, 1/2 cup Epsom salts, 1 tsp. Water, 2 tsp. essential oil, 3 tsp. oil (olive oil), food coloring (any color you want).

For tools, you just need a bowl, whisk, jar, and a mold. 

Combine the dry ingredients first in the bowl and blend it with a whisk. In a separate bowl, mix the liquid ingredients. Go for as many essential oils and coloring as your wish! When you’re satisfied, add the liquid mixture to the dry mix, a spoon at a time. After you can pack them together, shaping them into balls by hand or getting creative with your molds. 

While I’m in the bath, I put on my favorite Spotify playlist. This helps you tune out. Feel free to sing! It will help you disconnect but also recharge. 

Maximize the time by putting on a face mask. I often reach for the Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask. Make do with what you have at home or with the treasured beauty products you’ve been keeping. 

I also do a body scrub. My regular favorite is Scrub Talulah from Skin by Talulah. The Love at First Sight Coffe Scrub will make your skin feel extra clean and soft. It’s made with gentle ingredients so you can use it without worrying about overdoing it. 

After I rinse, I top the ritual off with Fillmed’s Skin Perfusion Nourishing Body Balm. Get this online and delivered to your doorstep via The Belo Shop. I love this as it smells so good. A thin film is all you need to lock in the moisture.