Tumi travels to the digital sphere

Culture / February 12, 2021

The past few days were filled with highlights that tell us we are slowly on our way to better days.

Tumi, a favorite of mine when it comes to travel, launched the Tumi Virtual Store in time for its 2021 Spring collection. It’s not your usual online shopping experience. Tumi changes it up by making it immersive and interactive.

You’ll get an opportunity to know each bag in-depth and with added features that make sure you’re investing in the right bags and luggage for your future destinations. Interactive product displays allow you to know each feature of every bag with a click with the 360-degree 3D view. The AR feature allows you to virtually place certain styles in specific environments.

Further enhancing the overall Tumi O2O (“online to offline” but also “offline to online”) shopping experience, the virtual store is connected to other Tumi shopping channels via its Chat and Shop function, allowing for seamless customer movement to the point of purchase.

Customers exploring the virtual store can easily connect with sales associates to ask for advice and to place orders, or they can do so via the connected local e-commerce websites. Furthermore, those visiting Tumi’s physical stores in the region can explore the Tumi digital landscape via in-store kiosks, for an enhanced offline experience. The Tumi Virtual Store also enhances your experience with “Perfecting the Journey,” Instagram and WeChat games that allow you to race through a forest and across the city, and control your player’s vehicle using facial movements to collect your favorite Tumi bags while avoiding obstacles along the way.

You also have the Magic Mirror Selfie where you can snap a three-second video selfie at the Tumi Virtual Store magic mirror. Enjoy watching it appear on the store’s magic mirror before downloading the video file to easily share with friends on social media.

Keeping in mind the customer’s convenience, the Tumi Virtual Store design language features a customer-centric luxury retail concept.


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