Update your travel wardrobe with hardworking separates

Fashion / September 28, 2018
 It’s been a habit, despite many years of traveling, that I somehow always pack  the night before my flight. It’s stressful and can get on your nerves. But it’s also a test of how well you know yourself and your itinerary.

How many heels do you really need? How many times will you go out? How truly versatile is that bag which you said you could wear everything with?

But most importantly, it’s also a good test for your clothes. With a limited wardrobe, you can test which piece can stand wash-and-wear, which goes with your existing favorites, and which is fit to wear for the season.

My picks for a recent trip to New York came from H&M’s Autumn collection. Perfect and cozy, it had a huge selection of sweaters, premium cardigans, ribbed skirts, light coats and corduroy pants.

Throw in a few accessories, a go-anywhere purse, and I was set for my week in the Big Apple which included romps in the city and a trip to the Hamptons.

With this collection, it was easy to make complete outfits in a rush. I was able to incorporate the pieces for an afternoon walk, a nighttime party, as well as an errand stroll.

My favorite was the pair of yellow corduroy pants which I wore to a day full of meetings. I paired it with a floral print shirt and a jacket. It looked business-like but also had some fun in it.

I then picked a lace dress as a second outfit. With its bell sleeve details and rich wine color, it was a good way to update classics. With my hair up and fun earrings, it was a look that could easily go from day to night.

Back in the apartment, I loved lounging around in a slouchy off-shoulder sweater. I like how H&M is conscious of the trending colors.

This came in the right shade of millennial pink, so I went for a full monochromatic look with a pair of pink pants as well. It was perfect for a day spent with friends binge-watching on TV while sipping on warm tea.

I’m a fan of H&M sweaters as they last long and don’t thin out quickly when you put them through the wash. They hug your body like a good friend.

After all the easy-breezy looks, I picked out a silk top with lace details along with a leather skirt for a night out. I went to Paul’s Baby Grand, a popular bar in the city for some drinks and a glimpse of the NY night life.

H&M’s Conscious collection consist of clothes made with sustainable materials and recycled fabrics. You look good plus you’re doing your part for the environment by encouraging more clothes to be created via upcycling techniques.

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