VIDEO: Conversations with…Heart Evangelista

Fashion / August 23, 2018

What I love about working in fashion and beauty is how you get to watch people grow. I remember shooting with Heart Evangelista all those years ago, when I first put her on the cover of a magazine. No one knew her just yet but I felt there was something about this girl.

Heart loves collecting Hermes bags…and painting on them to create a personalized touch

True enough, look where she’s at right now. So I thought it was about time that we catch up and talk about we both love: fashion items we can’t live without, lipstick and other makeup secrets, and other knick-knacks. I asked Heart about her top 10 favorite things and how they enrich her life. You’ll see how she’s got a lot of collaborations going on and how she collects things that reflect her journey.


She’s on the Dior Saddle craze

Two things Heart says one should always have in their wardrobe: a jacket and a pair of nude heels.


Another pair Heart can’t be without is a nude lipstick and a red one, worn alternately depending on the occasion and the outfit.

Heart loves accessories to update her look.

She is also into vintage items like this backpack she got from her mom.

Lastly, Heart loves a signature scent.


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