VIDEO: Unboxing a few tricks for an awesome 2020

Beauty / January 21, 2020

Is it just me or does it seem like this holiday hangover is taking its time?

The one thing about the swing of Christmas and New Year’s is how we all have re-calibrate after all the trips, parties, late nights, and various festivities.

Getting back into a groove is tricky. You want to be able to function for work but also make sure you don’t fall back into bad habits so you can have a head start with your resolutions.

I’ve settled for the fact that this unboxing came a little late. But it’s all good. Since I hope sharing the items I got can help you think about what you need this 2020 to make a great year.

For example, always invest in yourself. It doesn’t have to be with something grand. Take a trip to Beauty Bar and get good quality personal care products that you can create a good routine.

The power of a good bath will always see you through bad days while an energizing shower with skin-loving products can help you make good days.

If you need to find more stuff to align with your well-being goals, head over to Beauty Scout. They have various products that you may not even heard of yet. My hot tip this year: Find the perfect toner!

Speaking of investment, you can take it a notch higher with jewelry. Just one pair can always give confidence to your look. It’s also a form of savings with sparkly benefits!

There are many ways you can be your best self this 2020 and I hope this unboxing video helps you find a few things that can help you out. Be it self-pampering products, a more conscious wardrobe, or simply that item you can put in your work bag to make you feel motivated.