Virgil Abloh Takes Staple Dressing to a New Level

Fashion / May 02, 2019

I think I will be getting my new clothes from the men’s section. At least, from the men’s pre-fall/winter ’19 collection of Louis Vuitton. And that’s because of the Staples Edition.

A new permanent line under the heritage house, the Staples Edition is a standalone capsule collection that features Abloh’s take on every day wear.

Why make such a big move on a pre-season collection? Abloh said to Vogue UK, ““I see and understand the vitality of clothes that people actually wear. The pre-collection was a safe haven to test out ideas, to start defining that palette.”

What you’ll be getting are cashmere coats, denim jackets, and sharply-tailored black suits. All of which are permanent necessities in a man’s wardrobe, no matter what lifestyle he leads. All of which have a staple detail to remind you of Abloh’s dislike to stay inside the lines.

I think you cans see with this launch how Abloh is showing off his range. On one hand you have the meme-worthy red carpet outfits he whipped up for Michael B. Jordan and Timothée Chalamet. Abloh is the type to never shy away from scene-stealing designs. But here, you can see how Abloh merges his understanding of fashion with the reputation of Louis Vuitton.

On the website, the collection is described as follows: “Louis Vuitton Staples Edition consecrates contemporary ideas of wardrobe essentials through pieces rooted in sportswear, normcore, and the casual dress code, all labeled with a branded metal staple.”

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