WATCH: Reflections on my first trip to Art Basel

Culture / June 13, 2019

by Olivia EstradaContributor

I was very excited for my Euro trip this summer as I got a ticket to the VIP opening of Art Basel 2019.

Having being to Basel the year before, I’m aware how the city is the world’s art capital with a museum at every corner. Art Basel, however, brings the whole city to a fever pitch. Three hundred of the best galleries in the world come together at Art Basel, showcasing every other important and emerging artist worth noting.

Nothing could have prepared me. I was overwhelmed to say the least. There were four huge floors filled with everything you could think of when it came to art.

My favorite floor is the one called Unlimited. It’s an exclusive space for gargantuan pieces: think statues you’d see in public parks and even entire warehouse just to showcase a small egg store. At Art Basel, you can see how limitless artists are and how they dare test how big one piece can be.

I spent only around two hours at Messeplatz, tired and suffering from sensory overload. But I was happy. I also want to go back this week to admire the other art pieces I’ve missed out on.

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