What’s going to be the next color of the season?

Fashion / October 11, 2019

For the longest time, we talked about millennial pink. It was in every other color story when it came to outfits. It even invaded interior design. 

Afterward, we got to know Gen Z yellow. It was a pleasing hue that evoked lazy afternoons, tinted shades, and even a certain sense of nostalgia. 

In 2019, it was all about that loud and eye-catching neon. Particularly, neon green. It’s an exciting shade that pervaded not just accessories but also became the color of choice for entire outfits or at least to update the usual every day shirt to go with a pair of comfortable denim pants. Even I got enamored in the color and gave in to a pair of boots in the trending green shade. 

They instantly added fun to anything I wore. It also became a great way to challenge me to step beyond the usual. I think fashion is always about the experiment and how far you can go with your creativity. 

Colors make me happy. I’m glad that as social media encourages our visual tastes, the way we play with color is limitless. 

Color has the ability to stand out and make a statement. Take for example the solitary red dress found in the latest Ann Demeulemeester. It was striking and made a defining mark on the runway amid a sea of black ensembles. Even the most minimalist of us need a hint of color. 

It’s obvious that I’m a big fan of Bottega Veneta’s spring/summer collection. Daniel Lee showed off his expertise without the need for hype. What you get were fresh looks that got me excited for the brand and for the next looks I want to wear. A piece that made me really pay attention is the purple quilted heels.  I know purple may not be the easiest shade to pull off but with the right neutral suit, it could work. 

There are, of course, there a few people who aren’t afraid of color, going for a maximalist statement. This is also much needed. 

At Margiela, this seemed to be the theme as a black and white coat was splashed on with red and violet. It created an illusion as if the fabric had a life on its own. I’ll be on the lookout for the fashion savant who will be able to pull it off in the coming days.

If you aren’t happy with just a hint of color, you can always play to a monochromatic look. It can be both safe and also fun.

I  spotted an orange look at Isabel Marant and it transported me instantly to a pleasant sunny day, simply running errands or going to the park. I have a feeling this shade of orange might just be on everybody else’s wardrobe as the days go by. 

If you aren’t over Gen Z yellow, maybe you’ll fancy a dress from Proenza Schouler. I like how it can pass for good office wear in the way it was styled. But with the right heels, it can also be a dress for a formal dinner. Who says you only have to stick to black?