Where to get the best udon in Osaka?

Culture / September 06, 2019

If it’s not obvious yet, I’m a bit of a foodie. Who isn’t anyway? Food is not just a basic need. It tells a story of culture and camaraderie.

We eat when we’re happy but we also binge when we are sad. Occasions are often marked by good food.

Do you know what also merits a good dinner? A trip to a foreign city.

My Osaka trip (which I’ve documented via fashion and beauty finds, good sushi, and some tips for when you’re going to an izakaya ) won’t be complete without a short round-up on where to go for the best in ramen, udon, and steak. All recommended by a local of Osaka!

Ramen Spot: Konshinya

Getting high marks on TripAdvisor, Konshinya is for those who need a good and big bowl of ramen. The soup is rich and creamy so make sure you’re ready for it. Open from lunch to late night.

In need of udon? Chitose

They say the best meals are found in old, small establishments. There’s not much fanfare only good food. That’s Chitose. This unassuming restaurant serves the best “nikusui,” which refers to Osaka meat soup which is served with udon noodles and a soft-boiled egg. True to traditional practices, the restaurant doesn’t have set hours in the sense that it closes up shop when the soup runs out.

Steak dinner winner: Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M

Tagged as the number 1 steak restaurant in Osaka, bring a big appetite at Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M or simply M. Feast on the Matsusaka beef that comes from comes raised only in the city of the same name. The cows are massaged on top of being bred very specifically. What you get are meats that fit royalty.

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