Why I Enjoy Living in Layers

Culture / August 20, 2018

I love styling and decorating the home. I guess that came naturally from my exposure to the fashion and beauty industry. This is why I was quite excited when Shangri-la Plaza Home asked me to curate an exhibit for them. Entitled “CASA: Living in Layers,” I picked out a few favorites from the different home shops at Shangri-la Plaza including BoConcept, Restoration, LuxeRoom, and Furniture Republic.

The exhibit opened last Aug. 16 and will be there at the Grand Atrium until Aug. 24. Before the exhibit, I sat down with Shangri-la as they asked me a few questions about my love for interior design.

You’re known for your beauty and fashion picks; how have you transitioned that into home items?

I would like to believe women are made up of different facets depending on what their phase is in life. Yes, it is true that I love beauty and fashion and my introduction to this industry is through that but I have always appreciated interiors. In general, I’m a very visual person so I don’t really see this as a transition but more of something I am ready to share with the public.

Which stores at the Shangri-la do you frequent? Why do you think Shangri-la is such a great place to shop in, for not only for beauty and fashion, but also for home items?

I think in general it is an amazing mall. Restoration here is really big so I like it. Commune is also such an eye opener. I can say I love everything there, from their coffee table books too their wooden furniture. The items are not only well-designed but they are also well-made. I also like the feel of the store.

Tell us more about the items you chose for this exhibit. What can mall-goers expect and look forward to when they visit the exhibit? What do you hope visitors will get out of exploring the exhibit?

I hope people will realize there really shouldn’t be any formula in terms of look. The truth is people should take ownership of their homes. Meaning just bring in everything you love, old and new.

When it comes to interior design, how would you describe your style?

I enjoy layering and mixing different textures.

What kind of pieces draw your attention immediately?

When it comes to pieces that draw my attention immediately, I would say statement pieces. Also I do appreciate beautiful artworks.

Is there a section of your home that you enjoy redecorating the most?

Our den seems to be the most redecorated area. I guess because kids and adults hang out there so it really changes depending on their needs. In fact at the moment I’m making the powder room a bit more “adult” since they are not toddlers anymore.


Do you enjoy experimenting with different aesthetics? What does that look like for you?

I wouldn’t say I like experimenting with different aesthetics because I think people choose the aesthetic they’re into. I’m drawn to mid-century modern lines with maximalism.

What are your sources of design inspiration?

I love interior design magazines and also just being in beautiful homes. Travel is also such a big source of inspiration.

What’s the difference between maximalism and having an oversaturated living space?

This is a matter of preference. Personally, if it already looks messy and people can’t sit comfortably then it’s oversaturated. But then again, it’s your home, do whatever you makes you happy!

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