Why you need to go sustainable for your loungewear

Fashion / April 24, 2020

These days, I’ve thought over how we never realized the value of our pajama sets and loungewear. One should invest in these items as much as we like to think over our regular outfits, if not a little bit more.

We wear these to sleep, which do for an accumulate one-third of your life. They help us feel at home and comfort, which is helpful on bad days. When we return to the usual routine, getting our of our work clothes and into loungewear should feel like a well-deserved reward.

I also have been thinking over my closet. Between decluttering and making a vow to make smarter choices, sustainable brands are indeed the way to go. It will help you feel better inside and you’re also doing your little part in sending a message to the commercial market: Sustainable practices shouldn’t be niche. It should be a common approach to production.

Boody talks about how sustainable loungewear is important through a five-point list. Other than it is good for your conscience, their products, for example, is good for the planet as it uses organic bamboo, which is “without artificial irrigation or pesticides, it improves air quality by absorbing more carbon dioxide and is fast growing and regenerating.”

Check the label and specifications of your PJ. Some brands resort to upcycling existing fabrics while others source from local farms in your country, cutting down on transportation costs and supporting homegrown businesses.

Boody also points about that a sustainable brand is most likely to provide better working conditions for its employees. Most brands can’t claim the sustainability tag if they outsource to large factories with questionable worker and environment practices. Look to brands like Thought that value teamwork across their office and warehouse.

This leads to another point, how the clothes are made thoughtfully and with love. From the design to the construction, each piece is made carefully with a consumer in mind and not with a profit-driven perspective only.

Sorella Organics reflects this through organic loungewear for men, women, baby, and maternity. It makes sense to have these different categories for maximum comfort.

Ettitude is a brand to check out for vegan silk. Made from organic bamboo, their sleep sets are “buttery soft, water-saving, naturally dyed.” They also employ a “yocell production process is that the fabric is made in a closed-loop process that minimizes waste by reusing and recycling water.”

I encourage you to look for more brands you can access for the best sleepwear that contributes to independent, and sustainable business.