Why you should read ‘Elev8: Book of Psalms’

Culture / February 13, 2021

Elev8: Book of Psalms is a testament to a woman’s strength.

Author Kasey Phoenix Casal shares in this book poems that are inspired by the tarot, a key that helped her through tough times.

It started in Manila, the place of her maternal heritage, where she sought comfort. Kasey’s life was undergoing drastic changes: leaving her marriage and starting out on her own again. Some would probably say it was a sad era, but Kasey saw it as a chance for enlightenment.

Every day, she drew a card from the tarot deck. She let that card speak to her in order to produce the poem. What we have now is the product of those “conversations”: Literature on finding your true self and God, spirituality, and self-love.

Kasey also shares that in writing Elev8: Book of Psalms, she found how words helped her heal. In a time when things were uncertain and an unclear life path was ahead, words gave her empowerment. Through words, one could say Kasey literally mapped out a life anew, a life that’s truly for herself.

Elev8: Book of Psalms is published by Balboa Press AU. You may get your own copy through any of the following channels: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Booktopia, EBay, Waterstones Bookstore, Powells, Dymocks AUS Bookstore, and Google Play.

Kasey Phoenix Casal is based in Australia. Aside from being an author, she is a celebrity medium/psychic and a spiritual & wellness influencer. Follow her on Instagram @kasey.phoenix

Elev8:Book of Psalms, Kasey Phoenix Casal