WIN THIS: The direct benefits of different yoga poses

Culture / October 22, 2018

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When it comes to yoga, the benefits when it comes to your physical, mental, and spiritual health are aplenty. One of the oldest disciplines rooted in practices that belong to ancient India, it’s clear that it survives today because it has helped a lot of people. Recent research reflects that there are proven scientific improvements to a person’s strength, flexibility, and balance. This is why many would say taking yoga would help your performance in other sports and exercise routines.

Many different schools of yoga flourish, with different methods. I believe that one must look into the various approaches of yoga to find what’s best suited for your own goals and needs. It also doesn’t hurt to try these schools of thought to be certain of what’s best for you. It helps you connect and communicate with your body on a deeper level.

But I wanted to concentrate on is how different yoga positions have a direct effect on your body. Since yoga is also about purpose, each yoga pose has a significant meaning. Every position is targeted to a concern you have from lack of flexibility to weight loss, from stress to simple neck pain. Scroll down to see how five yoga positions are meant to address a particular body/mental issue. If you’re a newbie or a regular yoga enthusiast, I think knowledge of this will deepen your appreciation for the practice.

#1  Upward Facing Dog Pose for Weight Loss

Known as the urdhva mukha svanasana, this pose belongs to the traditional sun salutation sequence. You can practice this pose on it own, holding it from 15 to 30 seconds while you breathe easily.

#2 Channel Clearing Pose for Anti-Stress

The nadi shodshana is a step to pranayama, the formal practice of controlling your breath. The pose is to be done only with the guidance of a teacher especially beginners as it involves breathing through on nostril at a time while blocking one nostril with your finger.

#3 Extended Triangle Pose for Flexibility 

From a mountain pose, where you’re standing straight, big toes touching each other but heels apart, you jump and land around four feet apart. Build slowly until you can place one arm on your shin or ankle, bending on your hips, while the other arm to the ceiling. This pose is standard is many different types of yoga and helps increase your overall flexibility.

#4 Cow Pose for Back Pain

When paired with the cat’s pose, the cow pose or bitilasana, helps ease the back of tension and helps warm it up. Kneel while placing your hands flat on the floor as if you were a table. Center your head first before you lift it up, looking ahead. Inhale and while you raise your chest up, leaving your belly down. Exhale when you come back to neutral position.

#5 Salutation Seal for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I think this important to know when you work with your hands constantly. The Anjali Mudra can be done sitting or standing while you press your palms against each other, making sure neither hand is dominating the other. This is also the pose you can make to start a five minute meditation aside from relieving the cramps muscles in your arms and hands.


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