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Beauty picks that make the best work companions

Everyone’s getting busier; the holiday rush is here. The moment I got off the plane from my

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What to Use When You’re Done with Matte Lips

I think we are  slowly moving away from the matte lip trend. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate

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Where to find the ultimate secret beauty products online

Beauty products make me happy. The hunt for hard-to-find but well-loved makeup and skincare items

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The 7 Beauty Items to Ask for When a Friend Goes Abroad

If a friend offers to buy something for you as he or she goes on a trip, what do you ask for? I find

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Why You Need Hyaluronic Acid In Both Your Skincare and Makeup

Hyaluronic acid has been, for sometime, the wonder ingredient of the beauty industry. It’s a

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This Summer, Your Beauty Routine Needs More than Just SPF

This summer, my skincare routine is getting an update. With the sun and pollution out to wreck havoc