Editor’s Picks: Leon Exchange Auctions

Culture / October 20, 2023

After a while, shopping becomes quite dull and monotonous—nothing surprises me anymore. I know what to expect whenever I visit a usual shop or a certain boutique. And when everything starts looking the same, what’s the worth of getting them?

With the 29th iteration of the León Exchange Online Auction, come off the beaten path, and perhaps you’ll find your latest crowning jewel—a diamond in the rough so they say.

But before anything else, here are some of my picks from their catalog that you’d be better off taking into consideration (before I get them!).

Heirloom pieces are what I am now obsessing over. After all, it’s quite challenging not to look like everyone else these days. Undoubtedly classy yet unique, these pieces are must-haves.

One piece can refresh a space that’s been the same for years. Furnish your home or your office with this colorful vase for the perfect welcome.

Someday, I hope to be served tea, at home, in Buccellati. But if I want to live the life I dream of, then I suppose I should start now. Manifesting.

Having a watch on my wrist makes me less likely to fidget on my phone and be more present. And with a watch like that, I just have to stay in the moment.

Introducing the LeónExchange Online Auction’s 29th edition.

Day 1: The Collector’s Vault – 21 Oct / 11:00 am

Day 2: Heiresses’ Homes & Tables – 22 Oct / 11:00 am

For more information, visit their website at https://www.leonexchange.com/.