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Beauty October 16, 2020 SHARE

HOW TO: Makeup that lasts under your mask

What’s the makeup trend of the year? I’ll tell you that it’s “mask-proof makeup.” Some of

Beauty October 12, 2020 SHARE

I found a great personal shopper you can count on

In these times, we’re experimenting with both old and new things. Or rather, we’re integrating

Beauty October 02, 2020 SHARE

Creating self-care into a lifestyle

These days, I think more and more people realize that taking care of yourself isn’t limited to

Beauty September 25, 2020 SHARE

Online beauty destinations worth the click

Prior to our current situation, I believe we had different relationships with online shopping. I

Beauty September 21, 2020 SHARE

You can do this turmeric mask from Kaia Gerber’s facialist

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor You will inevitably encounter models like Gigi Hadid, Kaia

Beauty September 18, 2020 SHARE

Why facial mists should be a skincare staple

Facial mists should be part of your regular beauty routine. Some call them the new toners. I use