About Me

As a child, I was too skinny to buy anything off the rack. Luckily, my mom ran a dress shop so I would have clothes made. That’s how I was introduced to fashion.

I loved looking through magazines just to point out what outfit I wanted to have done next. In fact, I would even go to fabric stores, something I still love doing today. My designer friends Patrice Diaz and Gian Romano have some fabric of mine in their atelier, much to their dismay.

I love working with designers and honestly, I wouldn’t have met most of them if not for being part of the industry. There have been so much the industry has taught me, aside from getting to try different kinds of makeup. (In case you missed it, I am a beauty junkie.)

It has also taught me that most of the time, less is more. Not only aesthetic-wise but also on matters of trends: Passing off on them to save on an investment piece is ALWAYS a good idea. And yes, that entails repeating clothes, but like what my mom used to say, “Wear what makes you feel good.”

My whole career has been pretty much hinged on lifestyle magazine work, from starting out in Candy magazine, which gave me the opportunity to work with titles such as Preview, Cosmopolitan and so many more, to having my own column in Philippine Daily Inquirer, and now EIC on Inquirer Red Magazine.

I knew early on this is where I belong. Creating pages that help shape trends or keep readers informed of the latest lifestyle news proved fulfilling to me. This whole experience I think pushed me to develop a sartorial eye and an aptitude for spotting great products.

It would be easy to assume that going online would come natural to me, but it didn’t. This site was more than a year in the making. A true testament to how much I resisted putting my choices out there. But then I realized it’s what I do everyday: On Instagram, in the paper, and the magazine. I think my friends and people who “follow” me already know my point of view, even when it comes to design. I actually think they share similar tastes with me ‘cause why would they even bother, right?

So why blog now? I may even discover and learn more.

Hope you enjoy!