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Fashion December 05, 2019 SHARE

ALERT: Where to get 70% off designer picks for the holidays

Noble House Distribution Enterprise is the reason why brands like Aigle, Piquadro, Luminox find a

Fashion November 27, 2019 SHARE

Fashion’s biggest trend comes in micro bags

I blame the Jacquemus Chiquito. It made tiny bags a huge hit following the PVC totes, the beaded

Fashion November 19, 2019 SHARE

Chains: How they’re taking over our accessories

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor  I’m going to tell you now before everyone else: Chunky resin

Fashion November 15, 2019 SHARE

The French shoe label that’s all about elegance with a twist

The most wonderful things in life come from people who dared to dream big. They may have started out

Fashion November 11, 2019 SHARE

Arm yourself with these holiday-ready bags from local designers

Putting away the Halloween decor and replacing them with Christmas trimmings also means preparing

Fashion November 07, 2019 SHARE

Josie Natori: “I feel like even though the brand is 40 years old, the best is yet to come.”

The word “legend” gets thrown around a lot in the fashion industry. In a business where