GRWM: H&M for Paris Fashion Week 2023

Fashion / October 10, 2023

On the streets of Paris and on the biggest and brightest runways in the world, fashion is bold, opulent, and unapologetic. Especially during Paris Fashion Week 2023, it’s a matter of which look strikes and draws your attention. 

And while I will always love getting ready, at times, staying comfortable (but tastefully so) is all that matters. Not to mention, warm and cozy is the way to go during this long and cold season.

In commemoration of H&M’s Autumn ‘23 collection, here are my favorite H&M looks during my stay in the city of love.

A look that is both timeless and current, but isn’t as risky as this photo. Playfully chic with a lovely top and skirt from H&M, a classic denim jacket from alexanderwang, earrings from SAINT LAURENT, a clutch from CHANEL, and elegant shoes from Balenciaga.

Understated yet high-quality, my take on “quiet luxury.” An ensemble of neutral tones, featuring a knitted top and skirt from H&M, earrings from CHANEL, the perfect accompanying bag from CELINE, and boots from Prada.

A masterclass on repeating patterns with a hint of coziness: a cap and dress from H&M, a bag from CHANEL, and sneakers from Golden Goose.

Elevating wardrobe staples for the perfect time at the park: blazer, sweater, and jeans from H&M, and shoes from Prada.

Statement-on-statement pieces that compliment each other: top and skirt from H&M, and earrings from Schiaparelli.

Pairing prints with basics is the way to go: button-down shirt and skirt from H&M, a cardigan from Schiaparelli, earrings from CHANEL, and slides from Hermès.

Intimidating yet essential, silver deserves a spot inside your wardrobe: polo and pants from H&M, cap from CELINE, and bag and sandals from CHANEL.