Vivid and Tastefully Eccentric: La DoubleJ

Fashion / October 28, 2023

When everyone starts looking the same, character and personality are important aspects you have to start looking for in your pieces. They say that when you look good, you feel good. Well, the same goes for the other side. 

With eye-popping colors and patterns straight out of a psychedelic episode, it’s not just a matter of standing out in the crowd. Well, you would stand out in a crowd, but an ensemble that goes beyond the norm will surely put a smile on your face and on those that come your way.

And in the constant tug of war between aesthetics and comfort when it comes to clothing, La DoubleJ stands to hold both, but with a ton more personality to boot.

La DoubleJ was launched in 2015 by J.J. Martin. Taking inspiration from vintage fashion and maximalist styles, the boutique soon came out with original collections featuring both fashion and homeware smothered in eye-popping prints and vivid colors. And yes, they also offer homeware, from glassware and books to plates and napkins. 

“Rooted in maximalist prints and the mood-boosting powers of chakra-conscious colors, La DoubleJ has established a unique ebullient identity designed to elevate one’s state along with one’s style,” they describe themselves.