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7 gadgets every man needs in his life

Every man has a set of gadgets they can’t be without. No matter what his profession may be, a man

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Conversations with… Monique Teodoro

When it comes to furniture and home decor, I’m always curious and up to discovering something

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Six Home Entertaining Rules Every Good Host Should Live By

Recently, Southern Living dropped by my house to talk about my secrets when it comes to entertaning

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The 5 Superfoods You Must Include In Your Daily Diet

2019 is the year I’m creating habits that improve different aspects of my life. Inspired by

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Here’s the Only Piece of Advice You Need this Year

This new year, I’m determined to start fresh and with a lot of hope for the best to come. Yet,

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Conversations with… Hindy Weber-Tantoco

I believe that if you want to follow through with your new year’s resolutions, you need the