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Culture February 05, 2020 SHARE

Exploring acrylic dreams with German artist Peter Zimmerman

If you’re in the mood for colorful and mind-bending installations, head over to Modeka.

Culture January 29, 2020 SHARE

In Vienna, tourists will lead you right where you need to be

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor Vienna is full of sights and activities worth months to enjoy. I then

Beauty January 21, 2020 SHARE

VIDEO: Unboxing a few tricks for an awesome 2020

Is it just me or does it seem like this holiday hangover is taking its time? The one thing about the

Beauty January 17, 2020 SHARE

The new luxury is sustainability

I often tell my friends and colleagues that I’m trying my best to live a little bit more

Culture November 25, 2019 SHARE

A new way to bring art home

I always go back to the classics. We all do, though we’re not conscious of it. That’s why

Culture November 20, 2019 SHARE

Create something special every day with holiday gifts from Smeg

The best holiday gifts are those which can bring something special every day. There is always space