10 Principles Tim Yap Lives By

Culture / February 07, 2024

There were so many parties hosted for Tim Yap’s birthday that I wouldn’t be surprised if he blew out 50 cakes. 

In all these celebrations and gatherings, there was one thing certain: that he is so deeply loved. Tim has been a friend for decades—not because of the parties (I never last long) but because of the media industry.

Tim Yap, Alice Dixson, and Jayda Avanzado

In saying that, our conversations were always about our lives and the work we do. I also noticed that Tim always kept a positive outlook even when it seemed impossible. Through the years, he has managed to stay relevant and ever-evolving.

Paolo Prieto, Tim Yap, and Marco Antonio

So as I sat beside him, at a party thrown by Kifu Augousti and Patrick Coard, I messaged him one question that I felt could help a lot of us: What principles does he live by? Here are his answers.

1. Always keep your word. 
2. Always say thank you. 
3. Know when to stop, when to end things, and when not to proceed. (I am still learning this!) 

Ernest and Arlene Cu, and Tim Yap

4. Know when to say “no.” Sometimes your nos will make your yesses go further. 
5. Nothing is impossible. Put a space between I’m and possible—I’m possible! 
6. Your presence is a gift. So be present for your friends. Show up for their birthdays, special and even the not-so-special occasions. Be there for them. 
7. Make everything extra special. When you commit, give it your all. No room for mediocrity. Go all in! 

Bea Zobel Urquijo, Tim Yap, and Carissa Evangelista
Bea Zobel Urquijo, Tim Yap, and Carissa Evangelista

8. ME time is a must. Make time for quiet contemplation, solo travels, and communing with nature. 
9. Do charity and contribute to a cause other than yourself. Volunteer, give yourself, and be of help to something you believe in. Sometimes it’s not all ME, but WE. 
10. Protect your peace at all costs.