Everything I’ve Done To Prepare for Chinese New Year

Culture / February 09, 2024

A new year is a signal for fresh beginnings and renewed chances. However, since we were away for the holidays, I feared that I may have missed out on the chance to bring in prosperity this 2024. Fortunately, there’s still the Chinese New Year—a second and last opportunity that I cannot miss.

I love traditions and time-and-tested practices. While their effectiveness remains questionable and the very act of participating in them can be described as wishful thinking—on the contrary, I feel it helps my morale, knowing that I made an effort to attract both luck and abundance into my life.

I would like to share with you the things I’ve done to prepare for February 10.

1. To embrace the energy of the dragon, I know it’s good to declutter. They say decluttering allows for good fortune to settle

I confess I could be more tidy and I am quite the hoarder, so I believe in delegating. In saying this I needed the help of professionals—so I called on Neat Obsessions

From messed to blessed

I’ve seen my friends using them but I’ve never really gotten around to trying them myself. However, this year I finally gave in, and the truth is I am obsessed with them. They put order in the closet and it was not an easy task—my closet is a small attic by the way, so sorting through my things was difficult to begin with. They rearranged my items to make getting ready more efficient, and they bought additional storage and tagged everything.

In truth, I can already feel the good energy it brought. I wish I used them sooner. 

When you look good, you feel good, I guess that applies to your surroundings as well

2. Allow air into your space. They say it’s good to open your windows leading up to Chinese New Year. On the eve, keep your doors open, allow the stale air of the past to exit, and welcome new opportunities to be swept in.

This year, I’m welcoming all the blessings and opportunities I possibly can

3. The Year of the Dragon is the year of innovation and possibilities. Gather friends and talk about the future. Personally, I prefer working on a vision board. I’m a visual person so these help me manifest things better. 

4. For those who love the color black, the Year of the Dragon was made for you. Load up on gold and bright accessories and you’re pretty much protected from bad juju.

5. It’s lucky to also share your blessings. Prepare some angpao or give out token gifts. This is the year of abundance—so it’s true, the more you give, the more you’ll receive