Boots over wedges: The top 5 shoes every woman should have

Fashion / May 14, 2024

Shoes make me happy. In all honesty, I don’t even get to wear most of my shoes as much as I wish. But I have stopped telling my friends and myself that I’ll stop purchasing them because I’ve come to the realization—I won’t!

During the pandemic, I would lock myself in my little attic/closet and just admire my selection of shoes. I see shoes as a work of art.

I’m not very precious with my usage; I feel, the more used, the more well-traveled and storied, too. I even catch myself staring at people’s shoes (if they’re nice) and wondering where they’ve been. I like seeing them worn. Besides, isn’t that what they were made to do?

I guess I do think of shoes more than the next person does. 

On that note, let me share with you the top 5 shoes I feel every woman should have.

Ballet flats from Chanel

1. Flats. Pretty ballerina-shaped flats can go with a tailored suit, jeans, to a floral summer dress. My personal faves are my Chanel ones, since the pair has been with me for years and it still looks decent. I do love how the Alaïa’s look, however, they don’t go with my feet. A ballerina flat is the type of shoe that can “grow old with you’’ through all the seasons of your style indecisiveness.

Block-heeled pumps from Carel

2. Blocked heels. Standing in heels can get a bit tiring, especially when the floor is a bit complicated. Luckily there are block heels to the rescue. It gives height and ease at the same time. I love my Carel’s. I believe every girl should have one. The first pair should be either gold or silver, depending on what color you prefer. You’ll thank me for it.

Sneakers from Golden Goose

3. Sneakers. They have had a Renaissance over the years. But when it comes to kicks, I still go for the good ‘ol sneaker brands. I am not attracted to the high-end ones. Nike and Adidas are my favorites. Golden Goose is my go-to, especially when I’m on the go and still want to feel “dressed up.”

4. Boots. In cold weather and slippery surfaces, this is essential. But here in Manila, I still love wearing ankle boots and even cowboy boots! Just think Chloé. Boots look so chic worn with shorts, jeans and yes, even dresses. I don’t own a single wedge, because I feel boots just look way cooler and are more comfortable.

Leather and nude pumps from Manolo Blahnik

5. Stilettos. I am very comfortable in my Manolo Blahnik BB’s. I can wear it the whole day. And sure, some people prefer them higher or lower, and there is definitely a cute kitten heel for that. The thing with stilettos that other shoes can’t really deliver on is, is a stronger “oomph” effect. It’s because it’s seen as sexy. I think it’s because men are intrigued by how we can walk in it and for women (at least this is true for me) it does make us feel a bit more powerful. To start with, get a nude one. It goes with everything. I love my leopard ones, which I also believe go with everything.