SCENT SENSE: Valaya evokes the sensual cotton on the skin

Beauty / June 28, 2023

It’s been years since there has been any activity on this website… 

Hello again!

In all honesty, I got busy doing other things for my brands that kept me from staying put, so writing took a backseat. And although I feel a bit rusty, I am also happy to be in front of a keyboard once again.

If you know a bit about me, you would know that I love scents. All kinds. In fact, candles, diffusers, and perfumes are always around me. I know scents fall under beauty, but to be honest, I also believe it is also as much a part of fashion. With scents I feel more “dressed” and it is also my armor for the day. Like clothes, I choose my perfume depending on my mood, weather, or event. 

Valaya by Parfums de Marly

When it comes to scents, I prefer niche brands. The truth is, these are quite pricey, and I don’t like to smell like everyone else. It’s almost as if I treat my scents like a secret friend. It’s personal, after all. 


Valaya by Parfums de Marly

Valaya, the new scent by Parfums de Marly is a scent that is both sensual and elegant.

A radiant aura and yet, an impalpable softness.

Valaya, the new opus unveiled by Parfums de Marly in February 2023 has accomplished the challenge of capturing the scent of the skin caressed by a veil of Valaya evokes the sensation of cotton on the skin.





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It’s a cocoon-like perfume that’s at once sensual and elegant.

A white perfume brimming with contrast, that’s delicate yet incredibly compelling.

At the heart of Valaya, the perfumer Quentin Bisch composed a minimalist, transparent bouquet around the orange blossom, enhanced by an elixir surreptitiously dosed with musk and placed atop the opulence of noble wood and vanilla. This musky woody floral brings together a synergy of natural materials and innovative molecules.

See Valaya by Parfums de Marly at ART OF SCENT at GF, Resorts World Manila and 2F, East-Wing, Shangri-la Plaza.

Valaya by Parfums de Marly retails at PHP 19,800 for 75ml. Visit the ART OF SCENT website for more details.

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