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Beauty September 06, 2019 SHARE

Uncovering Miranda Kerr’s Ultimate Beauty Secret

Among the many, many celebrity-owned beauty brands out there, I’m having a moment with Kora

Beauty September 02, 2019 SHARE

VIDEO: Unboxing Crystalized Shimmer Drops, Books, Comfy Flats and more!

Every now and again, I find myself almost drowning in press kits and gifts. It’s one perk of

Beauty August 16, 2019 SHARE

This is what you should do when your plans are postponed due to the rain

Last week, a lot of my plans were postponed because of rainy weather. I stayed at home, stepping out

Beauty August 13, 2019 SHARE

Beauty and self-care haul in Berlin

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor Whenever I’m in Berlin, I go a little crazy shopping for makeup,

Beauty July 29, 2019 SHARE

Five of the most famous lipsticks of all time

A girl can have a hundred tubes of lipstick. We can go through a thousand different colors and

Beauty July 26, 2019 SHARE

Makeup revamp: crystals in your highlighter and lipstick that’s safe to eat

As a beauty and lifestyle editor, I don’t just rely on updates online for the latest in makeup