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Beauty May 27, 2019 SHARE

How to wear red lipstick without fear

I notice that not a lot of women wear red lipstick. It’s only for that special occasion type

Beauty May 27, 2019 SHARE

Consider making a workout skincare routine

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor Here are a few of my gym essentials. They don’t just include a

Beauty May 10, 2019 SHARE

Got Only Five Minutes? That’s All You Need for this Spa Treatment

I can emphasize how busy moms are. I should know as I have three kids myself. I observe other moms

Beauty May 03, 2019 SHARE

Miranda Kerr-Approved and Paraben-Free: Why I’m Experimenting with Australian Beauty

Holy Week meant a trip to Australia for me and my family. For the kids, it was about the tourist

Beauty April 29, 2019 SHARE

An ‘Acid Trip’ For Your Skin

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor I’ve been on an “acid trip” lately—that is, a skincare acid

Beauty March 19, 2019 SHARE

Revealing How I Ace My Base

I believe when you know how to do your foundation well, you can’t go wrong with any look you