Where to get a good deal on a Birkin when in Japan

Beauty / August 31, 2019

If it’s not obvious yet, I’m a kick when it comes to all things Osaka. Last week, I talked about some good sushi spots to visit. This time, I’m rolling out a list on the best fashion and beauty finds I picked up in the Japanese city.

#1 Diamond Lash

When in Japan, I usually hoard Dolly Wink false lashes. This time, I stumbled on Diamond Lash, a brant that’s also good when it comes to falsies with many styles to match your mood and look. I picked up a few more natural-looking full set ones for my evening affairs.

#2 Rohto Cooling Eye Drops

Another must-hoard in Japan, I like these drops as they give extra light to the eye. It helps make your pupils appear bigger for that doll-like look.

#3 Isehan Heroine Speedy Mascara Remover

A clever tool to remover waterproof mascara without excessive tugging or risking getting cleansing oil in your eye. Just brush it over your lashes to remove mascara.

#4 Anessa Perfect UV Skincare Milk

A sunscreen product that has skincare qualities. Aside from it having protective SPF, Anessa contains super hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, cherry leave extract, and tormentilla DG.

#5 Band t-shirts

I’m a rock band tee collector simply because most of these shirts remind me of the time when you’d hear their songs on the radio. Rare and vintage tees which feature other designs too are available at this store called Amari. Check it out if you like rock tees too and unique fashion finds.

#5 Throwback designer pieces

I stumbled into Komehyo while I was hunting for some good bargains on designer pieces. I was able to get a few things I’ve long been wanting for a good price.

I also spotted some Birkins here, so that’s my top tip if you’re on a shopping splurge in Japan. Some of the bags are a little bit pricier but you get the advantage of choosing the color you like and you don’t have to be on a waiting list. You can get it right then.

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