Five questions every art collector must face before making a purchase

Culture / August 30, 2019

Art is unifying. It’s intriguing in a right way. It shows off the best of human creativity. It’s for us to learn. It’s for us to be entertained. I truly believe that art is for everyone. 

I’m a big fan of art. I’m also lucky that my job as a lifestyle editor allows me to be privy to various art fairs, and meet good artists often. In my home, my love for interior design has undoubtedly led me to collect art. I’ve also learned to foster this love in my children slowly as they grow up. 

I’ve often been asked how to start collecting art or, at the very least, what makes for a good art purchase. I get it. It can be quite intimidating to buy just one piece of art. I want to erase that because art can bring so much to your life. It enriches yourself and our culture. 

On a trip around the city recently, I’ve spotted SM Supermalls’ Art for Everyone. It’s a clever selling event that showcases paintings, photographs, and sculptures in your favorite mall. This makes it feel like purchasing art should be as comfortable as buying anything you genuinely must-have. 

If you’re raring to add to your art collection or want to make a first big purchase, I’ve put together a few questions to ask yourself. This hopefully will guide you to that artwork that’s meant for you. 

#1 Do you love it? 

Art is very personal. In making a purchase, regardless of your experience with art collecting, each piece should make you feel something profound. You have to love the artwork first before you can proceed to buy it. Otherwise, even if they say it’s a good bargain, it’s not worth it. 

#2 Is it within the budget? 

Collecting art can be costly, but it can also be affordable. It’s all dependent on your budget and what you want. Like all expenses you have, buying artworks should have an allocation in your budget pre-hand. This makes for smarter decisions and teaches you how to save for the high-ticket pieces you want. 

#3 Do I know enough about this piece to be able to own it? 

Collecting art is unique in the sense that it’s not enough you have the money for it. Since art forwards culture, you also have to be a little knowledgeable about its source. Read up on the artists that create the pieces you fancy. Learn more about the different galleries around you to see how they curate their pieces. At the very least, converse with the curators at the art fairs to know more about the piece you’re interested in. With this information, you further enliven your art buying experience. 

#4 Where will you place this artwork? 

Artworks give your home personality. A make or break rule when buying a piece is if you have space for it. And if that artwork does fit that space. I don’t just mean physically. The artwork you are coveting at the moment may be amazing, but will it be appreciated in the place you plan to put it? Part of collecting art is knowing how to display it at home. It’s a beautiful challenge. 

#5 Can I sincerely take care of this artwork? 

Some art pieces can be sensitive. They may not be suitable to be exposed to certain elements. Ask the person in charge of the sale of these requirements. If your home or office can handle the artwork’s needs, then good! You’re on your way to make an excellent purchase. It will also inform you of future art buys as you can match up each artwork to just the right room, given its specifics. This also streamlines how you buy. You know which ones you can’t accommodate at the moment and the ones you can. 

Art for Everyone 2019 is a showcase of thousands of artworks from painting to sculpture. Found in over 18 SM malls all over the country, visit any of them on these dates: 

SM Megamall (Aug. 20 – Sept. 1)

SM Sucat (Aug. 18-31)

SM Angono (Aug. 19-30)

SM San Jose Del Monte (Aug. 19-31)

SM Cebu (Aug. 26 – Sept. 4)

SM Lanang Premier (Aug. 26 – Sept. 7)

SM Legazpi (Aug. 26 – Sept. 8)

SM Marikina (Aug. 26 – Sept. 8)

SM Novaliches (Aug. 26 – Sept. 8)

SM CDO Downtown Premier (Sept. 1-7)

The Podium (Sept. 2-15)

Art for Everyone is also at the SM Mall of Asia, SM Aura Premier, SM Batangas, SM Bacolod, SM Molino, SM San Pablo, and SM Telabastagan until Sep. 1. 

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