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Culture August 30, 2019 SHARE

Five questions every art collector must face before making a purchase

Art is unifying. It’s intriguing in a right way. It shows off the best of human creativity. It’s

Fashion June 28, 2019 SHARE

Jo Ann Bitagcol: Model, photographer, and now, scarf maker

If there’s one person who always makes the Manila fashion and art scene interesting, it’s Jo Ann

Culture June 13, 2019 SHARE

WATCH: Reflections on my first trip to Art Basel

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor I was very excited for my Euro trip this summer as I got a

Culture December 07, 2018 SHARE

When in Sydney, catch this must-see exhibit

by Alexis Orosa- Contibutor SUPERNATURAL: VISIONS OF THE FUTURE White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale,

Culture November 29, 2018 SHARE

Conversations with…Jigger Cruz

Artist Jigger Cruz is no doubt one of my favorites. So I just had to feature him in an installment

Culture October 31, 2018 SHARE

‘Father of video art’ exhibits in Manila

Amid a technology-driven world, video art is something we encounter every day without even noticing