Where to get the best sushi in Osaka

Culture / August 29, 2019

It’s easy to conclude that just because you’re in Japan, you’re going to get some good sushi at every turn. You’re not far from the truth. But even among a place where everything is premium quality, there’s a few that make for that gold star.

On my quick trip to Osaka, here are three restaurants I would recommend.

Forgive me if I don’t have a lot of photos. The food was quite delicious, so I forgot to get some shots. I’m also quite not used to taking pictures when at restaurants. I still get shy. Anyone out there like me?

Harukoma Sushi

A local recommended this place to me. It’s one of the best-known sushi places in Osaka. It’s a welcome stop down Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai, the longest shopping street in Osaka. Burn all the calories and build an appetite as you shop so you can indulge in Harukoma’s sushi platters. Around 10 chefs operate the restaurant, slicing away the fresh fish. So you’ll surely get your fill.

Nakanoya Lucua

This restaurant sources for the local markets every day. They value freshness so much that they are known for special seasonal platters that only offer what’s best from the day’s catch. It’s a haven for good eating as it’s a non-smoking restaurant, has a drink-all-you-can option, and even igloo-style private rooms.

Endo Sushi

You can’t go wrong at this place. It’s tagged as the restaurant which sells top quality sushi at ramen prices. It’s in the middle of the motherload that is the Osaka Central Fish Market. So you’re going to get quite the ambiance. Tourists and locals love this place. It’s intimate with just a 33-seating capacity. There’s also quite a history behind it: Endo Sushi has been around since 1907.

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