Re-arrange at home with inspirations from these 7 movies

Culture / March 21, 2020

Right now, I’m staring at a chair so much that I’ve convinced myself that I don’t remember buying it. 

I came across a Vogue Living post that said: “We’re spending a little more time at home lately. Which might mean you’re spending a bit longer looking at your interiors and how you can improve them.” I have never felt so seen in my life. 

The task is clear: This is the time re-arrange your living spaces. It will require a lot of steps such as de-cluttering, convincing your housemates to help you move the furniture around, and, of course, deciding on the best theme to work on given what you have. 

This is a test of creativity since the way you will integrate freshness and newness isn’t by purchasing anything. It’s all about working with what you have got. 

One thing you have is a working laptop and an internet connection that can give you inspiration. I like drawing from movies for pegs from my interiors since you really get to see the places in the film from all angles. 

I listed down a few movies I’d recommend for you to watch before deciding on how to do re-arrange your rooms. And with that, I just gave you another idea on what to do with this time: Have a movie marathon! 

#1 I Am Love 

A movie I’ve always called a favorite, you’ll be stopping at certain points to admire the set location. Most of the film was shot at a  1930s mansion designed by architect Piero Portaluppi.

#2 The Great Gatsby

If you’re up for some glamour, this is the movie for you. The sets were designed after the great early-20th-century houses of Long Island’s North Shore. Feel the life of the roaring ’20s and the spirit of jazz nightlife. Perfect for your living room!

#3 Call Me By Your Name

A 17thcentury villa plays as the backdrop of this love story. It’s dreamy and romantic yet simple with wooden furniture and a form yet functional aesthetic. 

#4 Amelie

If you’ve ever wanted to find out how to capture that charming French look that plays with colors, this is one for you. 

#5 Under the Tuscan Sun 

Watch the film look through the many boards on Pinterest dedicated to set design that’s all about embracing the beauty of nature. 

#6 The Royal Tenenbaums 

How could I write this piece without a Wes Anderson film? As someone who loves welcoming art into a home, this is how you can make eclectic influences come together.

#7 Midnight in Paris

Anne Seibel, Woody Allen’s production designer for the film, took at least two months to research for the set of this film. She captured the feel of Moulin Rouge and the little eccentricities of Gertrude Stein’s study.