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Fashion November 06, 2018 SHARE

Conversations with…Mark Wilson

You can tell quickly that interior designer Mark Wilson has a natural knack for creativity.

Fashion April 25, 2018 SHARE

Forever Summer

Flora Magica is one local accessories brand you should be on the look out for. Created by Liane

Fashion November 10, 2017 SHARE

Jewelry Made for Milestones

Jeweler Janina Dizon-Hoschka is celebrating her 10th anniversary in the business. While everyone

Fashion April 15, 2017 SHARE

Watches and Jewelry Go Hand in Hand

Wristwatches and jewelry are two different things, but they go hand in hand when people wear them.

Fashion March 26, 2017 SHARE

Flaunt Your Filipino Pride with Fine Local Jewelry

We’re still months away from Independence Day, but that doesn’t mean being proud to be Filipino

Fashion March 05, 2017 SHARE

Jewelry for the Nostalgic

I’ve always believed that if jewelry could speak, they’d be tattling more tales than someone