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What to Know About Everyone’s Favorite Shoe Label: Manolo Blahnik

Since the 1970s, Manolo Blahnik is known as a legend and as a staple in high fashion. The man,

Fashion October 04, 2018 SHARE

Inside a Berlin fashion studio with Velt

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor I trust Berlin to tell me what’s cool. Despite being a

Beauty August 10, 2018 SHARE

Great skincare–and shoes–for any weather

Beyond good quality materials and design, shoes that come with a story fascinate me. In Los Angeles,

Fashion June 27, 2018 SHARE

VIDEO: Going Through Chesca Kramer’s Shoe Collection

Shoes can change lives. Go through any woman’s closet and you will discover how every pair has

Fashion July 12, 2017 SHARE

I’m Swooning Over This Brand Lately (And Here’s Where You Can Get Them)

It’s not every day I find something that makes my heart skip a beat. But when I do, I’m