VIDEO: Going Through Chesca Kramer’s Shoe Collection

Fashion / June 27, 2018

Shoes can change lives. Go through any woman’s closet and you will discover how every pair has a story. It could be an anecdote of a great sale, a special gift from a loved one, or just a celebratory pair marking an achievement or occasion.

We can also reflect on how stories within our culture are laden with shoes. When we were children, we heard how Cinderella’s glass shoe helped her become a princess. For her, a shoe symbolized transformation and stepping into who you really are.

Even the lives of men are changed by shoes. Manolo Blahnik’s life was all about the fascination of making shoes. He started creating pairs for lizards as a silly boy. But his talent would prove he wasn’t a man chasing a pipe dream. Diana Vreeland, the legendary Vogue editor,  saw Blahnik’s talent and pushed him to go forward in his career. These days, you can’t say “luxury shoes” without thinking Manolo Blahnik. It also helps that women everywhere covet a pair and you see Manolos on celebrities, fashion’s best, and even royalty. In pop culture, a blue pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps marked Carrie Bradshaw’s fairy tale ending with Mr. Big.

Shoes also show our unique personalities. Victoria Beckham wore heels even while she was pregnant. I don’t know how she stayed comfy but what she did was truly a feat. (Hehe)

On the other end of the spectrum, there’s Audrey Hepburn who made ballet flates look chic and sophisticated.

I could go on and one about shoes. But I think you get the picture. As you watch me talk to one of dear friends Chesca Kramer about her love of shoes, you just might get excited to find yet another pair that you can integrate to switch up your life.

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