WATCH: Achieve the wet look in five steps

Beauty / October 09, 2019

Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out what hairstyle you should pull off. Deciding and actually doing are also two different things. Each of these causes stress and takes a toll especially if you need to be out the door in an hour or less.

This is why one of my go-to hairstyles for a big occasion is a wet, slicked-back look. It looks elegant but is effortless. I do it in less than 10 minutes and I just use four products. Yes! No need to go to the salon for this one. Thank me later.

Keratina Intensive Reconstructor Spray

What it does: Protects the hair from heat styling and also gives it added texture which is helpful for the next steps.

GHD Gold Styler

To the hair strands in place and straight, I use this flat iron. You don’t need to overdo it. The aim is to just make sure that all the hair goes in one direction.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body Builder

The key to the wet look is to have some volume at the top of your head. Otherwise, the hair will just sit flat on your head and have no body.

Not Your Mother’s You’re So Gelous Glossing Glue

The finishing touch! This gives that glossy and wet finish without feeling heavy and uncomfortable on your head.

L’Oreal Professionnel Elnett Hairspray

I’m sorry but I forgot this one in the video! The important last step is to use some hairspray. This will make sure your hair stays intact the whole night so you don’t have to worry about it.

Watch below for the step-by-step guide:

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