Conversations with… Piolo Pascual and Iñigo Pascual

Culture / October 23, 2019

Call me starstruck. At least a little bit when I found myself in between Piolo Pascual and his son Iñigo.

Initially, we planned out a series of fun questions to ask them. But they just started telling me stories long before the camera is rolling. So we just went with that.

If you ever get to spend time with these two, you’d think they’re just friends and not father and son. Piolo keeps up with the younger banter of Iñigo, while the younger Pascual carries himself with the lessons he got from his dad.

They do everything together they told us. Including getting treatments from Belo Medical Group. It’s a great deal since Belo offers various packages and deals for duos like mom and daughter, significant others, and in the case of Piolo and Iñigo, fathers and sons!

Get to know these two better and have some fun via my interview with them below:

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