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My tricks to ace your eyeshadow

I notice that one of the most challenging parts of the makeup process is perfecting that eyeshadow

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Care for your lips, and choose the right shade of lipstick! Here’s how to do it

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What to Know About Your Favorite Celebrity Makeup Lines

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Fashion insider Tina Tinio on the style rules she never follows

If you’re comfortable with you look and style, you develop your own taste and your own rules.

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This is how you can perfect that beachy hair look

One of my favorite hairstyles is the beach wave. It gives hair the right volume and exudes casual

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A mask for every day of the work week

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor Three years after I got my first full tub of the Aztec Secret

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7 gadgets every man needs in his life

Every man has a set of gadgets they can’t be without. No matter what his profession may be, a man

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How to be your best, whatever your age

Let’s take about aging. Or better yet, about looking your best at any age. It’s no longer

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A Jewelry Brand You Can Rely On

Jewelry is an important part of your accessories wardrobe. No one looked bad with a bit of sparkle.

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Men, take a page from Frank Ocean and get serious about skincare

In the past week, we received the best skincare truths from perhaps an unlikely source, R&B/rap

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Conversations with… Monique Teodoro

When it comes to furniture and home decor, I’m always curious and up to discovering something

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What Unisex Self-Care Products Should You Be Stocking Up On?

Not all products are created equal. But some products are for both sexes equally. I’m thinking