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How Many Products Do You Need to Remove Your Makeup?

Cleansing your face should be a ritual. It should relax you and also make you feel pampered. If you

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Revealing How I Ace My Base

I believe when you know how to do your foundation well, you can’t go wrong with any look you

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There are beauty products that may be good, but which you never buy again. There are only a few that

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Nadine Lustre… will she marry James Reid?

If there’s one fresh face I’m constantly intrigued about, it’s Nadine Lustre.

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How to pull off a suit in the summer, and other guidelines for suits

It’s not exactly easy to be a guy. Today on my website, I’m thinking about how men can get away

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Nadine Lustre is H&M’s first Filipino ambassador

H&M isn’t reluctant to pioneer and explore new horizons. Every year, the brand collaborates

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Who’s the Best Dressed at the 2019 Oscars

I can’t let Oscar Monday go by without looking through the red carpet photos. If there are

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What can we expect from ‘Rookie of the Year’ Kelsey Merritt?

Over lunch earlier this week, I had to announce to my colleagues that Kelsey Merritt is this

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My tricks to ace your eyeshadow

I notice that one of the most challenging parts of the makeup process is perfecting that eyeshadow

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Care for your lips, and choose the right shade of lipstick! Here’s how to do it

You are free to wear any lipstick you wish. But wearing the ones that complement your skin tone can

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What to Know About Your Favorite Celebrity Makeup Lines

Claudia Schiffer, Jessica Alba, Madonna, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Kat Von D are just some of the

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Fashion insider Tina Tinio on the style rules she never follows

If you’re comfortable with you look and style, you develop your own taste and your own rules.