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Fashion December 04, 2020 SHARE

Chanel & Catherine de’ Medici: The 2020/21 Métiers d’art Collection

With COVID-19 restrictions and the second lockdown in France, Chanel’s Métiers d’art

Fashion December 03, 2020 SHARE

Podcast Pick: THE MEMORY OF…with John Galliano

THE MEMORY OF…with John Galliano is like going through the journals of designer John Galliano.

Fashion December 01, 2020 SHARE

She could be wearing designer, but she could also be wearing dessert.

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor If you haven’t noticed, I’m on this kick of looking for

Beauty November 27, 2020 SHARE

Holiday shopping: gifting with purpose

This year, I believe gift-­giving is all the more important. Being away and isolated from our loved

Fashion November 23, 2020 SHARE

Gareth Pugh: The British designer returns to fashion

2020 challenged us to really take a look at what we’re doing and what we’re made of.

Beauty November 13, 2020 SHARE

Luxury online shopping boutiques to bookmark

Prior to our current situation, I’ve always been a fan of luxury online boutiques. One of the best

Beauty November 06, 2020 SHARE

THE 8: Best eyeliners I’ve tried

Eyeliner is the way to go with only the top part of our faces seen these days. I’ve always been

Fashion November 02, 2020 SHARE

Style Spotting: Tilda Swinton, Ariana Grande, H.E.R. love Giuseppe Zanotti

There are many shoe labels tagged “celebrity favorite” but only a few mean it. Giuseppe

Beauty October 30, 2020 SHARE

How to shop online for beauty products wisely

Last time, I talked about the new online destinations that give you quick access to different makeup

Fashion October 19, 2020 SHARE

Leopard: The wild print that’s always going to be in style

Leopard is one of my favorite prints. I treat it like a neutral. You can pair it with white, black,

Beauty October 16, 2020 SHARE

HOW TO: Makeup that lasts under your mask

What’s the makeup trend of the year? I’ll tell you that it’s “mask-proof makeup.” Some of

Beauty October 12, 2020 SHARE

I found a great personal shopper you can count on

In these times, we’re experimenting with both old and new things. Or rather, we’re integrating


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