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Beauty August 07, 2020 SHARE

How scents can create happy memories and lift your spirits

Last week’s bed weather won’t be the last in a stretch of days where it will be hard to change

Culture August 05, 2020 SHARE

The best yet simplest ways to make you feel better every day

What’s important these days is to stay on a steady course. Being totally disengaged will make

Fashion August 03, 2020 SHARE

Leopard: The wild print that’s always going to be in style

Leopard is one of my favorite prints. I treat it like a neutral. You can pair it with white, black,

Beauty July 31, 2020 SHARE

Find the right shade of lipstick for you every single time

You’d think that lipstick would be the last thing that would be on our minds as we wear masks to

Beauty July 29, 2020 SHARE

You can do this turmeric mask from Kaia Gerber’s facialist

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor You will inevitably encounter models like Gigi Hadid, Kaia

Beauty July 27, 2020 SHARE

What’s the best luxury facial oil for your skin type?

If you’ve been reading my column closely, you’ll notice how I like to keep my topics connected

Fashion July 13, 2020 SHARE

The fashion documentaries for the true style expert

There are entertaining fashion documentaries. Others are centered on a celebrity-like designer. And

Beauty July 10, 2020 SHARE

Solve those dark elbows and knees with these skin-loving products

A few weeks ago, I consulted with a dermatologist on the hows and whys of dark knees and elbows.

Culture July 09, 2020 SHARE

Album Review: ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ by Jessie Ware is a disco delight

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor It didn’t take me long to declare that Jessie

Beauty July 03, 2020 SHARE

Care for your hair every step of the way

I don’t understand the weather these days. A few days of rain is followed by dry, hot days. Aside

Beauty July 01, 2020 SHARE

The simplest ways you can cleanse and charge your beauty crystal

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor Is a gua sha or a jade roller just but another beauty device?

Beauty June 26, 2020 SHARE

Online hotspots for the best designer sales

It’s almost unavoidable to give into online shopping these days. Aside from the practical stuff,


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