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Travel June 17, 2024 SHARE

This on-stage reenactment of the Passion of Christ takes place every 10 years

The further one gets away from the time a promise was made, the easier it becomes to break it. But

Travel June 14, 2024 SHARE

The best Instagrammable spots in Prague

I’m all about putting away my phone for a second and living in the moment. After all, there’s no

Travel June 10, 2024 SHARE

Andaz Prague: Your must-visit 5-star luxury hotel

The thing with modern luxury hotels these days—sure their service is impeccable, the food is to

Travel June 08, 2024 SHARE

Prague by castles, palaces, and old-timers

Royalty and aristocracy are effectively artifacts of the past. Holders of the title today are in

Travel June 07, 2024 SHARE

Prague in a day

While I’ve had my ramen, next on the list was a trip to “the city of a hundred spires”—after

Food June 05, 2024 SHARE

I flew to Paris to have ramen

Kodawari Ramen opened in 2016 because owner Jean-Baptiste Meusnier wanted to bring an authentic take

Culture June 03, 2024 SHARE

To the content creators, the annoying few—and that includes me

Cannes Film Festival—it’s all everyone’s been talking about lately. From the fashion to the

Beauty May 20, 2024 SHARE

Bedtime to beauty: My 5-step routine to wake up to my best skin

Sure, I know exactly what I should do before hitting the sack. But knowing and doing are two

Beauty May 17, 2024 SHARE

The lazy sunbather’s guide to looking fresh

Like everyone, I have my quirks. What is it? It’s nothing major, but I take my time to shower

Fashion May 14, 2024 SHARE

Boots over wedges: The top 5 shoes every woman should have

Shoes make me happy. In all honesty, I don’t even get to wear most of my shoes as much as I wish.

Fashion May 10, 2024 SHARE

Scent-sory pleasures: 5 fragrances to turn heads

My love affair with scents started very young. As a kid, I remember my yaya dabbing some blue

Culture February 09, 2024 SHARE

Everything I’ve Done To Prepare for Chinese New Year

A new year is a signal for fresh beginnings and renewed chances. However, since we were away for the


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