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Culture August 25, 2023 SHARE

CASA LUIS BARRAGÁN: A reflection of oneself

Our homes reflect us. The very aesthetic of our abodes, our choice of furniture, art, and even the

Art August 25, 2023 SHARE

MERIDIANO: Beyond the confines of a gallery

Art is heavily protected—tucked behind layers upon layers of protection—cased in

Culture July 28, 2023 SHARE

CASA GILARDI: An architectural marvel unlike any other, courtesy of Luis Barragán

In a sea of minimalist, functional, and relatively soulless and frankly boring structures, stands

Food July 27, 2023 SHARE

ROSETTA: Favorites from a staple of the Mexican culinary scene

I read somewhere that the differences in early architecture across the world cannot only be

Food July 16, 2023 SHARE

PUJOL: Mexico’s finest

The gastronomic journey around Mexico City is far from over and it doesn’t just end with Blanco

Culture July 08, 2023 SHARE

FRIDA KAHLO MUSEUM: A memoir set at the heart of Mexico City

As I shared in my previous entry, traveling allows me not only the opportunity to find rest but the

Food July 05, 2023 SHARE

BLANCO CASTELAR: The gastronomic jewel of Mexico City

Traveling for me remains to be one of my favorite things in life. Away from what I’m familiar

Beauty June 28, 2023 SHARE

SCENT SENSE: Valaya evokes the sensual cotton on the skin

It’s been years since there has been any activity on this website…  Hello again! In all

Beauty May 05, 2022 SHARE

The perfect sparkle for your “Euphoria” inspired looks

Sparkle, shine, and shimmer. This is what the TV series Euphoria is bringing to our social media

Fashion May 03, 2022 SHARE

What Kim Kardashian had to do to fit into THAT Marilyn Monroe dress

There will always be the one look from every MET Gala that will be talked about, much meme-d, and

Beauty April 25, 2022 SHARE

Did this makeup company catch Amber Heard in a lie?

Of the many shocking things that have come out of the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard, this one is

Fashion April 18, 2022 SHARE

STYLE WATCH: Meghan Markle in all white

There is a certain fascination we will always have with British royals. There are threads dedicated


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