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This is what you should do when your plans are postponed due to the rain

Last week, a lot of my plans were postponed because of rainy weather. I stayed at home, stepping out

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Beauty and self-care haul in Berlin

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor Whenever I’m in Berlin, I go a little crazy shopping for makeup,

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The perfect rainy day fashion item: PVC

PVC as a trend in the past few seasons seems like it’s here to stay as a staple.  At first,

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Breaking down millennial dating terms with Albert Martinez

We owe it to meme culture why our a few nuances in dating now have funny names. Instead of giving

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#KobeforHM: Kobe Paras is the newest MVP of H&M

It’s exciting to watch personalities come into greatness. There is a certain high when you witness

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Five of the most famous lipsticks of all time

A girl can have a hundred tubes of lipstick. We can go through a thousand different colors and

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Makeup revamp: crystals in your highlighter and lipstick that’s safe to eat

As a beauty and lifestyle editor, I don’t just rely on updates online for the latest in makeup

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Fromagerie Antony: Where Michelin star restos and members of royalty get their cheese fix

by Olivia Estrada – Contributor In June, the weather in Europe is perfect if you want to go

Beauty July 20, 2019 SHARE

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore: What Do they Have in Common?

I wonder where our culture is heading now that every other celebrity has a beauty line. I believe

Culture July 16, 2019 SHARE

Five women changing your screens forever

#1 Lashana Lynch She’s not a Bond girl, she is Bond. It’s been recently announced that

Beauty July 12, 2019 SHARE

In beauty, always have something new and something you’ve always loved

As a beauty editor, I will always tell you about two kinds of products: something new that I am

Fashion June 28, 2019 SHARE

Jo Ann Bitagcol: Model, photographer, and now, scarf maker

If there’s one person who always makes the Manila fashion and art scene interesting, it’s Jo Ann