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Conversations with… Ivar Aseron

One of my favorite designers is Ivar Aseron. Ask any of my friends and they will vouch for that as a

Beauty February 14, 2020 SHARE

How to prepare for your formal events

The Oscars got me thinking about how it takes months for celebrities like Laura Dern, Reese

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Matching beauty picks, regardless of your Valentine’s Day plans

By Olivia Estrada- Contributor I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I did make it a point to give

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Get it right: How to achieve J. Lo’s age-defying complexion

The moment I saw the Super Bowl Halftime show this Monday, I knew everyone’s thoughts: What to do

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Exploring acrylic dreams with German artist Peter Zimmerman

If you’re in the mood for colorful and mind-bending installations, head over to Modeka.

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The only style guide you need this spring/summer 2020

When it comes to inspiration for outfits this season, there are a few brands that I rely on. If you

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In Vienna, tourists will lead you right where you need to be

by Olivia Estrada- Contributor Vienna is full of sights and activities worth months to enjoy. I then

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The sneaky beauty secrets that you can do to help save the environment

I’d like to continue the thoughts I wrote about last week. In that article, I pushed for a few

Beauty January 21, 2020 SHARE

VIDEO: Unboxing a few tricks for an awesome 2020

Is it just me or does it seem like this holiday hangover is taking its time? The one thing about the

Beauty January 17, 2020 SHARE

The new luxury is sustainability

I often tell my friends and colleagues that I’m trying my best to live a little bit more

Fashion January 13, 2020 SHARE

Step into 2020 right with this A-lister approved shoe brand

The right shoe can do wonders. I feel like, at the start of the new year, nothing gets you on the

Fashion January 06, 2020 SHARE

Seeing Red: The color of this year’s Golden Globes

Among the many best-dressed lists that came out today, I noticed how red seemed to be the color of