WIN THIS: How to make your sleep a five-star experience

Culture / November 09, 2018

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There are a lot of things you can do the short version of except sleep. There’s no true replacement for it.  You can’t have too much, you can’t have too little. A full means you get enough sleep as much as you can.  I notice that we live in such a wired world that we are constantly deprived of sleep, even if we know it’s as important as food. Inadequate sleep makes us exhausted and irritable. It also lowers our immune system, making us susceptible to diseases.

But it’s not just the length of sleep that we need to be concerned about, but the quality. Deep, refreshing sleep is achieved if you always prepare your mind to wind down after a long day. It’s why most of us love a lavender pillow mist, as the scent can trigger our brain to relax. I sometimes prefer layering scents by lighting my favorite bedside candle.

The act of lighting a candle itself sets your mood to log off from the worries of the day.

Reading a good book also helps, especially if you’re the type who can’t be torn away from your laptop or phone.

But there are times when watching an episode or two of a favorite TV series helps.

My sleep ritual improved when I became more conscious of my bed. We constantly pick and change our blankets and pillows, but how often do we change our mattresses?

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Caught in the act. Haha! My favorite hotels use the same mattress that I do… no wonder I sleep so comfortably! Gotta love Sealy Posturepedic. It is the best mattress available in the Philippines, and most probably, like me, your fave hotel uses it too. 😉 Available at Ethan Allen and Sealy, Edsa Shagrila Mall.

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I learned recently that it’s a must to change your mattress every 10 years. For one, you avoid exposure to bed bugs, mites and other elements that grow in your mattress. And also, a mattress’ capability to support your body degenerates over time.

I changed my mattress recently for the same reasons. And since it’s a 10-year commitment, I decided to make a good investment.

Sealy’s Posturepedic technology gives the right support to your body. Created with orthopedic specialists, a Sealy mattress takes into account that you need the most support for your back and your core when you sleep. They are the only mattress that are made with PostureTech® Titanium Coil. These boxspring coils were developed to provide the best comfort and support for your body. They also make sure you maintain the correct spinal alignment while you sleep.

A Sealy mattress might be familiar to you as this is the choice of most topnotch hotels such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance, Fairmont and Raffles Hotels. This just proves that Sealy doesn’t disappoint and elevates your sleep.

So, yes, buying a Sealy for me lately has made me feel like my own bedroom is a hotel suite. If you wish to get you own Sealy mattress, you’re in luck.  You may visit the Sealy Sleep Boutique at the level 5, Shangri-La Plaza MallChoose from their Premier, Advance, and Prestige collection. Take note that their Hotel Series mattress from the Prestige collection is one of the best selling mattresses, giving that hotel suite experience. They’re offering up interest-free installment options until Nov. 18. Perhaps this can be your early Christmas gift to yourself?


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