My top 5 beauty destinations

Beauty / December 10, 2021

Health and safety is paramount. This list is not by any means to promote irresponsible traveling during the crisis. If anything, this is a list of destinations to consider when times are better. Save or bookmark this so you can come back to it when you’re drawing up plans for your next trip.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Travel is never just about the physical place, but the experience. And to experience beauty treatments unique to a certain area always refreshes your perspective. It also might inspire you to make some adjustments in your daily lifestyle, turning what would have been just memories in your photo app into habits that you can use when you’re back home.

First is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Located 30 minutes away from Reykjavik, the man-made open spa is famous for the mineral-rich water and silica-rich geothermal mud that you are encouraged to apply to your face and body. The effects are so celebrated that some brands, including the ones available at the site, have integrated the lagoon’s properties into beauty products you can add to your routine.

Pamukkale in Denizli Province, Turkey, is another spot to enjoy. This complex of tiered pools contains waters that are said to give relief to various physical ailments. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site, so always be mindful of following the guidelines of the area. Respect the place as it shares its wonders with almost two million visitors per year.

Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme in Wiesbaden, Germany

Not all beauty destinations are found in the great outdoors, of course. There is the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme in Wiesbaden, Germany. Here, you can experience the luxury of Roman baths with all the modern upgrades. The place boasts of a thermal hip bath, a Russian steam room, a fresh air room, tropical rain and relaxation rooms. Best done when you’re in the mood to unwind after an active day in this part of Germany.

Belo in Clark, Pampanga

Belo Medical Group is known for drawing in loyal clients who fly from all over the globe to get world-class care. Continuing their commitment, they have opened a branch near one of the country’s favorite vacation spots: Clark, Pampanga. The branch is designed by acclaimed interior designer Budji Layug, who also created the New Clark City’s Saconia Bridge.

Here, you can enjoy all of Belo’s pioneering dermatological treatments and services. This includes Vivace, Mermaid Facial, Angel Whitening and Elixis. Clients can also stock up on their ZO products.

3CE Cinema

Another beauty destination on our list is South Korea. The hip neighborhoods of Sinsa-dong, Cheongdam-dong, and Hannam-dong are where you can get various treatments on top of complexes where you can stock up on Korean beauty’s holy grail items.

At Chaum, you can get two-hour facials that will make you feel like you’ve gained back a few years. You’ll also find 3CE Cinema, the flagship store of one of the most beloved South Korean brands, along with Village 11 Factory, a mecca for sheet masks and Cosmic Mansion for fragrance products.