Where to Get Beyoncé’s Favorite Tissue Paper in Manila?

Culture / April 03, 2019

Tucked away in Makati’s best streets is Xception. This multi-brand concept store houses international labels that will improve your living space along with some fashion brands like N21, Walk of Shame, and Jill Sander.

Here you’ll find the tissue paper pick of Beyoncé, Renova. The singer demands that on tour, red Renova tissues must be in the lavatory. But the Portuguese paper good company also produces a variety of toilet papers rolls in almost all the colors of the rainbow. You’ll find the price tag a bit crazy for tissue paper but these lightly scented rolls are just what you’d expect a Queen Bee to use on her bum.

There’s also these beautiful lamps by Studio Cheha. Playful and inventive, these lamps create a futuristic 3D effect through bulbing. When you turn one on, it’s hard to believe your eyes that they are just flat LED lamps.

You will also love the fun pieces from Design Letters. These include melamin bowls and message boards.

Vipp is another brand you’ll find at Xception. They carry top quality trash bins and other decor pieces that chic and functional.

On the second floor, you’ll find fashion pieces that will be perfect for an event or even just for every day, when you always want to look good.

Let me not spoil you on the other details so you can enjoy the video tour I made.

Watch the video below to see more: