Why I’m Looking Forward to Color Even After Summer

Fashion / April 13, 2018

Trust me when I say that time will go by so fast, summer will fade. This heat may be a little unbearable while we bust our sundresses, woven bags, and sandals, but soon we will trade them in for layered pieces to keep us dry and warm.

I’m looking forward to color from Kate Spade, Coach, and Marc Jacobs next season. There is a subtle blue theme running through Kate Spade’s Fall-Winter 2018 collection. Great for everyday affairs and for times that you just can’t be bothered. Even the printed dresses carry a certain feature that makes them versatile.

Their flair comes from the details: lace trimmings, floral patterns on oversized lapels or ruffled hems on pants.

Also worth noting are the accessories: oxblood leather bags, boots with white flowers, clutches with lace borders, studded flats. They’d go well with a reliable pair of jeans or even a casual dress.

I liked the standard black tote with tassels on the side: Practical meets fun, classic meets trendy. I wouldn’t mind bringing this between meetings and errands.


On the other hand, fashion is about pushing boundaries; Marc Jacobs has a hold on this. Remember the oversized jackets on the runway earlier this year? Be prepared to sport that if you’re traveling to colder climates.

What I love is the unabashed use of color. Who says Fall has to be muted and that big statements are limited to summer?

Everything is exaggerated, from ruffle details to scarves. I believe we’re challenged to re-think how cozy doesn’t have to be low-key but can also be a statement.

This isn’t limited to the clothes. At Marc Jacobs, the envelope bags are a little extra with big studs—think stylishly business-ready.

Richly colored belt bags are also part of the Marc Jacobs collection because we all know that street is the new luxe. And I know some of you love how a belt bag keeps your hands free. Isn’t that the ultimate luxury?

Don’t forget also the top hats featured by the label. Those wide-brim woven hats you bring to the beach? Marc Jacobs introduces their city equivalent so you can don the shade even as the season changes.

Coach gets its fashion inspiration from the farm, it seems. Talk about practical and unlikely. I tell you, fashion can take you everywhere.

The brand’s vision for Fall is both very practical but also exciting.

Plaid gets a new life in the dresses. If that’s not your style, you can opt for skirts with animal prints. Don’t forget the sweaters that feature a duck.

For accessories, there are tiny purses with floral details. Doctor’s bags are also in but in burnt orange and other Fall-related colors. Coach also introduced some printed backpacks in its collection aside from mini-purses and tote bags.

There’s something for everyone’s taste. It’s cool how fashion can unite us in the most unlikely ways, right?



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