Why Your Kids Should Start Speaking in Codes

Culture / November 05, 2018

I know sometimes your kids are hard enough to understand. But yes, they will thank you if you enable them to talk the language of today’s technology. Coding is how softwares understand us. So as we get more wired, our children will inevitably exist in a world where the one who knows codes is king. How else will they translate their great ideas into the online and computer driven-world we are in?

This is why “My Kids Code : A Learning Adventure” is here. This is a programming camp developed for children to learn about coding via games. Since they’re always glued to their phones and tablets to play games, make it very educational. In school and as they progress, it will be quite the advantage and might even help them develop their professional calling this early. You never know, your kid could be the one who will create the next Facebook or the next Instagram.

The camp will start on Nov. 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, and 29 at the Cameron Room of the Manila Polo Club.  It will be fun but also get you kids an early start into something that will define their future.

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