Erin Menk on her favorite beauty treatments

Beauty / November 05, 2018

Erin Menk is one woman to admire. A mom of two, she manages to balance work with a healthy lifestyle. On her Instagram page, you’ll notice she has a zest of life with her family photos by the pool, her fashion choices, and how she always shares her current food picks that will encourage you to pursue that diet you need.

I’m lucky I got catch up with her as she shares that’s she also quite the beauty girl. She picked out a couple of her favorite treatments from The Aivee Clinic.

1. Aivee Total Lift
This one of my favorite “anti-ageing” solutions because it can really address the facial areas of concern in ways I never thought was possible. Essentially, Aivee Total Lift is a series of several filler treatments administered to specific areas of the face that have lost volume or have started to sag. The results are amazing and better yet, immediate! In no more than thirty minutes, my face was naturally refreshed and rejuvenated and I felt five years younger. Results of the Aivee Total Lift are long-lasting but can be touched up from time to time.

2. Renew 4D TM
Renew 4D TM is a four-step, non-invasive laser treatment which addresses intra-oral tightening (for that sought-after contoured jaw-line), skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and a light peel to address pigmentation from years of careless sun exposure on my part. It is virtually painless and results can be seen immediately after. Results can be maintained with consistent monthly treatments.

3. Cristal Cryolipolysis
This is my favorite body treatment and is definitely my go-to fat reduction. Exclusively available at The A Institute, Cristal Cryolipolysis is the first fat-reducing treatment in the country that uses “cryo” technology. This is a non-invasive procedure that freezes and crystalizes fat cells, which then self-destruct and are permanently flushed out of the body. This treatment can target problem areas like the stomach, love handles, arms, back, saddle bags, and thighs. Results typically appear gradually and in about a month’s time, you can see up to 30% fat loss in the treatment areas.

4. Aivee Ice TM
This is one of our newly launched Aivee Premium Facials ~ a carefully curated set of facial procedures to address specific skin care concerns. Aivee Ice TM uses a cold air infusion delivered into the deep layers of the skin which is great for acne and minimizing pores. The cold air infusion is surprisingly relaxing and I love the clean and refreshing feeling my skin is treated to immediately after this facial.

5. Aivee Skin Infusion (ASI)
I used to think that if I wanted to create a hydrated and “dewy” finish to my look that make-up was the only solution. But after having tried Aivee Skin Infusion, I’m a firm believer that this is the secret to fully hydrated skin that creates a soft, smooth, and nourished, “red-carpet” ready glow. It is amazing!
Aivee Skin Infusion uses a special formula of hydrating elements which are infused into the deep layers of your skin with a special device. It offers a gradual change in the skin’s quality and elasticity and is true hydration inside your skin.

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