Everything you need to know about Scarlett Johansson’s beauty brand

Beauty / July 05, 2021

Scarlett Johansson announced that she would make her first foray into entrepreneurship with a skincare brand expected to market in early 2022. T

Together with her co-founder, entrepreneur, and beauty/fashion executive, Kate Foster, the duo has raised funding to support its launch and growth plans.

The full funding was provided by The Najafi Companies, an entrepreneurially driven private investment firm that has backed brands including Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty, Beach House Group, Moon Oral Care, and more.

Johansson, a globally recognized actor with deep experience as an ambassador for luxury cosmetics companies, began her exploration of the beauty industry several years ago, educating herself on the market, formulations, and brand identity.

After considering many paths to entry, Scarlett has chosen to operate independently. In this structure, she is empowered to be intimately involved with every aspect of the company, flex her creativity, and maintain her vision for the brand.

Johansson serves as the Founder and Chairman of the new company, and Foster is the Co-Founder and CEO. She says, “I’ve been fascinated by the transformative power of beauty since I was a child. My mother instilled in me a passion for self-care from my early teenage years. Several years ago, I took a step back from my beauty deals with the goal of creating something true to me. The result is a clean, accessible approach to beauty.”