Fashion insider Tina Tinio on the style rules she never follows

Fashion / February 04, 2019

If you’re comfortable with you look and style, you develop your own taste and your own rules. This is why as much as fashion rules can be helpful, they are always meant to be broken.

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I say this as I look at people like Tina Tinio, she is the brand director of -Oliver Peoples Group Japan (Luxottica Group). Luxottica handles eyewear brand names like Ray Ban and Oakley. Tina also manages the house brands portfolio of Oliver Peoples, Alain Mikli, and Starck Eyes.

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For her, she’s got her on eye on fashion. So I just had to ask her, what are the rules she doesn’t follow.

Don’t follow trends, I wear what I like and what I believe looks best on me.

I don’t consider fashion trends or what’s currently in style when I consider buying clothes for myself. Key example: whether it was ’80s trend or a passe Herve Leger trend or not, I am and always will be a fan and wearer of bodycon clothes!

I am a maximalist in all things I do so understated clothes don’t work on me either.

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Hence, why I love sparkly clothes, everything gold. I don’t mind wearing bold colors like red because they look good on me so I don’t care what other people really think.

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I want to talk about the concept of high-low. A lot of people say that they wear high-low but the general definition of low is always questionable. I am a real high-low person because although I generally invest in luxury items when it comes to bags, coats and shoes, when it comes to clothes, I don’t always believe that price matters. I believe that no matter what the price, if you carry it like it’s luxury then no one will every believe that it was $ 4.99 on sale at one of my fave shopping spots!

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So really its not the clothes that wear you, its how you wear the clothes and view fashion. It’s not about what other people think or trend that’s dictated, its about what makes you feel good and confident and that has been and always will be my view on fashion and trends!

Tina Tinio