This is how you can perfect that beachy hair look

Beauty / February 01, 2019

One of my favorite hairstyles is the beach wave. It gives hair the right volume and exudes casual fun. I also think I’ve perfected how to do it on my own.

Beach waves aren’t hard to achieve if you know the right products to use. I’ve been practicing on myself for quite some time now. As with anything, you need to practice to perfect it.

I start with clean hair and then apply Davines OI All in One Milk to protect my hair from the heat of the curler. It’s a great product on its own because it controls frizz, adds shine and conditions the hair.

riarecommends Davines OI All in One Milk

You can also use this before blow-drying your hair. I make sure to spray it evenly before running my fingers through my hair so the product goes down to the roots.

Afterwards, I use clips to section off my hair. I use the same clips hairstylists use as they’re simple but get the job done. The key to good waves is to work in sections. It helps you go through the process properly. You should take your time when curling your hair

My favorite hairstyling tool is from the brand GHD. The model I use is the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand. This curler with a 28-mm tapered barrel is designed for beach waves and similar hairstyles.

riarecommends GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand

It can work for any hair length. It heats up quickly but doesn’t get too hot—it’s always at the best curling heat of 185°C. It’s also just the right size so I can control it easily. Plus, it goes into sleep mode automatically after 30 minutes, so no mishaps! You can bring it when you travel, as it’s not bulky.

The next step is the curling technique. I use the flat wrap technique, where I twist the hair around the barrel, instead of the barrel twisting the hair. This gives wider and softer curls.

I also twist each section in alternating directions—away from my face, then toward my face. This adds texture. For the hair closest to your face, twist away so they frame your face well.

riarecommends Ouai Wave Spray

To finish off, I use Ouai Wave Spray. This texturizing formula is weightless so the hair doesn’t feel sticky as the day progresses. It also uses rice protein to help hold the style in place without drying out hair.

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