Father’s Day is just around the corner. Here are the best gifts to get him

Culture / May 31, 2019

We’re telling you this early: Don’t put off Father’s Day gift shopping to the last minute. Think about it now. Look for the hints of what he wants this year. Set a date when you can sneak out to buy it. Because, trust us, days will pass by in a jiffy.

June 16 is the date to watch out. If you need help looking for a gift for him, here’s a list we put together. All items are available at Xception.

Palomar Bike Accessories Lochness, Lucetta, and Nello

For the dad who rides a bike on weekends, get Palomar’s bike accessories. These include the Lochness, a multi-shape bike lock that’s lightweight yet durable. You can also throw in the sleek-looking Lucetta, a magnetic bike light, and the Nello, a magnetic bike ball. Built to last, they keep your dad’s bike and his trips safe.

Emeco Chair

If your dad has a man cave, get him a comfy chair to sit on when reading on his Kindle. The Emeco chairs are colorful but are also made of noncorrosive, fire-resistant and torpedo-proof materials.

The Line

For the dad who loves to travel, pick his favorite destination from The Line, a company that creates silhouette lines of the landmarks of destinations including London, Sydney, Paris and Berlin.

Image Republic Poster

Does your dad love Elvis? How about Bob Marley? Marlon Brando? can pick a nice photo of his favorite movie star or rock star from Image Republic

Design Letters Actions Notebook

If your dad still likes to write notes and schedules with pen and paper, get him a stylish notebook from Design Letters. The Actions Notebook is made of quality paper.

Ishinomaki Stool

Is your dad into woodworking and other hobbies? Try surprising him with an Ishinomaki Stool. It’s stylish and practical

BordBar Cube

BordBar makes durable safes inspired by airline carts. They are durable and are tough to break into. A Bordbar Cube is where your dad can keep all his important documents.

Piet Boon by Serax candle

Maybe your dad hasn’t found the joy in a scented candle yet. Perhaps he needs one for his office, so he can have a scent that helps him feel inspired the whole day. The Green 10AM from Piet Boon by Serax just might be it. It’s a line of candles inspired by different hours of the day.

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