Home hack: Perfect your table setting skills

Culture / March 30, 2020

As someone who collects beautiful objects, plates and other dinnerware was always part of my list.

In my current mission to make the most out of staying at home, I realized now is the perfect time to mix and match the dinnerware I have in order to create various settings.

I’m not just doing this for future dinners. Right now, I feel like it’s important to find joy in the things you already have at home.

As I decluttered and went through what I have in my kitchen, I realized that just like outfits, the perfect table setting must be photographed for future use. Have a small catalog handy on your phone so you can refer to it when the time comes. It will also make sure you get to maximize what you have.

I also enlisted the help of Sanj Licaros of The Daily Butlery for more ideas on how you can make the best table settings for your home.